eCommerce Product Descriptions For Large Product Catalogs

Posted by Taalia Joosten on Nov 25, 2020 2:38:50 PM
Taalia Joosten

What are Product Descriptions?

A product description describes a product’s attributes or features when it appears on your product detail page in your online store. This gives consumers an understanding of the product’s value proposition. Product descriptions are a vital way for companies to explain products and fill in the gaps that the product images can’t capture. 


The ultimate goal of a product description is to encourage your consumer to take action, making them feel like they not only want the product, but they absolutely need it! Product descriptions are a key form of marketing that companies can effectively use to turn online browsers into their own customers.


Importance of Product Descriptions for eCommerce

Product descriptions are incredibly important for a range of different reasons. Some key reasons include:

  • Solving a problem - Often, when consumers go shopping, they are looking for a solution to solve a problem they have. Product descriptions help answer consumers’ questions and concerns and offer them a solution in the form of a product.

  • Comparing and up-selling products - Product descriptions help consumers to compare and up-sell products by themselves. This is essential in an online environment where salespeople are unavailable.

  • Competitive advantages - Product descriptions provide substantial competitive advantages as they help products stand out from the competition and have greater value to consumers.

  • Building trust, loyalty, and brand image - Product descriptions help to reassure and build trust with consumers. This can lead to customer loyalty and a strong brand image/reputation.

  • Stopping websites from looking unfinished - Many consumers see products without descriptions as untrustworthy and even scammy, making them less likely to purchase.By ensuring that all products have a detailed description on their product detail page, your website will look much more professional and legitimate and customers will trust your products.

  • Reducing product returns - Detailed descriptions help limit the number of product returns. Most returns and refunds are due to consumers receiving an item that didn’t meet the expectation of what they ordered. This difference is usually because of scarce or inaccurate product descriptions.

  • Improving SEO - Product descriptions help search engines find and rank product pages; therefore, using detailed descriptions can help you get a higher page ranking on Google.


Writing Captivating Product Descriptions

To ensure your product descriptions are captivating, here are some key points to remember and apply:

  • Be specific and detailed - Product descriptions are one of the only ways for consumers to understand products online. Therefore, the description needs to be specific and detailed to ensure they get an in-depth explanation of what they are purchasing.

  • Proofread - Bad grammar in product descriptions will jeopardize the professionalism and trust you are building with consumers and make them less likely to purchase.

  • Appropriate tone - Consistently using an appropriate tone will help you connect and relate to your consumers through your product description. This will help consumers to engage with your products and see your company as an expert with crucial advice.

  • Be truthful - This one goes without saying!

  • Easily readable and comparable - Making descriptions easily readable and comparable (e.g. using bullet points) is essential for consumers to scan, compare, and pick products, making your product more likely to be chosen.

  • Emphasize the product benefits - Highlighting the product benefits will create value with consumers, influencing them to purchase the product.

  • Interesting, exclusive, and urgent wording- Describing products in a way that makes them sound interesting and exclusive will spark interest and catch a consumer’s eye. Using words that create a sense of urgency will influence consumers to feel the need to buy and immediately have the product.

  • Include product images - This gives consumers a clear visual understanding of the product and makes them much more likely to purchase.


How Vesta Can Help With High Volumes of Product Descriptions

Although product descriptions are highly beneficial for eCommerce companies, the time, effort, and cost it takes to write personalized descriptions for each product is massive. Many vendors have product descriptions available for companies, which is an efficient way to get descriptions onto product detail pages, but they are often given in an unformatted and inconsistent manner. This can hinder the optimization of your website and your connection with consumers, so what can you do? 


Vesta has automation tools that scrape websites and collect product data  from vendors, turning them into structured and normalized descriptions for your eCommerce site. This will allow you to efficiently export product data straight onto your website, creating easily readable and consistent descriptions. This is a key way to ensure that consumers are engaged with your products and allows you to expand your business by adding new items in an automated, accurate, and uniform way. 


When dealing with large volumes of product descriptions, Vesta’s automated tools provide the most efficient way for you to get all of your product information online in a consistent format. This is an ideal place for companies to start, and from this point, you can edit existing descriptions to personalize and optimize your top-selling products for better consumer retention and engagement.


Contact Vesta today to learn more about our automation tools for your product descriptions, helping you spark consumer interest and generate more sales on your eCommerce site.


Vesta Can Automate More Than Just Product Descriptions

Product descriptions aren't the only area that Vesta can automate and integrate for you. Vesta can also automate the collection and cleaning of all vendor-supplied product data to continuously connect and update your product information to your online store.


Book a consultation with one of our friendly team to learn more about how your company can reduce the amount of time spent managing product data, increase your online product range and improve conversion through better quality product information.

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