eCommerce Product Image Best Practises For Large Product Catalogs

Posted by Taalia Joosten on Nov 23, 2020 10:44:59 AM
Taalia Joosten

Product Photos are the Most Important Product Information on Your Product Detail Pages

Product images for eCommerce


eCommerce sites are rapidly replacing brick-and-mortar stores and showrooms, but this doesn’t mean that customers don’t need to see the product. Although eCommerce is becoming more and more popular, consumers still not only want to see the product, but they also want to take it off the shelf, feel it, and examine it. Because this isn’t possible when shopping online, product photos/images are vital for businesses to effectively connect with consumers through their online platforms and give them the closest experience possible to in-person shopping. Therefore, product images are the key tool for eCommerce stores to help shoppers make a purchase decision when salespeople and tangible products aren’t available.


The Significance of High-Quality Product Images for eCommerce 

Ensuring your company has high-quality product images can have hugely beneficial advantages. Some of these key advantages include:

  • Creating a good first impression - When viewing a product detail page, it takes customers under one-fifth of a second to form a first impression. By having compelling product images on your website, your company can capture attention, draw consumers in, and leave a positive view of your brand in their minds.

  • Understanding product functions - Product images help consumers to understand your products and their functions/attributes as well as your brand. Having great product images ensures consumers can tell exactly what they are buying and trust that they will get what they have ordered, making them more likely to purchase.

  • Instant information - As the saying goes, “a picture tells a thousand words.” This is key for eCommerce companies, as high-quality product images will help catch a consumer’s eyes and is an efficient way for them to analyze products.

  • Giving your company a competitive edge - With the fast-growing competition in the eCommerce industry, having compelling product images gives you a massive competitive advantage to draw in consumers, build trust and value with them and overall increase your online purchases.

  • Helping consumers scan and compare products - Examining and comparing different products is highly beneficial for consumers, so providing them with good quality images that they can easily analyze is vital for influencing them to purchase.

  • Easily shareable online - Having excellent product photos also keeps up with consumer demands by allowing customers to share and send products to their friends and family for advice and reassurance. 


Overall, having attractive product images creates a considerable amount of added value to your brand and gives your organization a massive competitive advantage. So, how can you achieve all of this on your eCommerce site?


What Factors Make Product Images Effective and Compelling?

Many factors determine whether a product image will be effective and compelling or not. Some of these key factors include:

  • The product images should be of high quality (not blurry), making them more appealing, professional, and trustworthy to the consumer’s eye.

  • There should be multiple images of each product to ensure optimal product interpretation for consumers and a three-dimensional shopping experience. 

  • The ability to zoom in on images gives consumers a greater look at details and product attributes that may be valuable to them.

  • Correct image size. Images that are too large will slow down your website, give your consumers a slow and negative experience, and jeopardize your Google ranking.

  • Consistent and well-spaced images. Ensuring all images are centered, have little amounts of spacing, and are consistent across your website makes websites and products much more attractive to consumers.

  • Keywords attached to image files. Attaching keywords to image files will build your credibility with Google and help your website rank higher.

  • Plain white backgrounds are preferred and more appealing.


Issues when Sourcing and Maintaining High Volumes of Quality Product Images

The previous factors may seem straightforward and simple enough, but for companies with thousands of products, needing multiple images each, creating high volumes of quality product images is a monster of a job. 


Many vendors have product images available which is an efficient way for companies to save huge amounts of money and time that they would otherwise use to take individual product photos themselves. But problems will arise as product photos from suppliers are almost always given to you in vastly different and scrambled ways. So, what can you do to make this process efficient? Well, Vesta has an innovative solution for your organization, saving you massive amounts of time, effort, and money.


How can Vesta help your Organization Transform Bulk Amounts of Product Images?

  • Reducing image file size through image compression - Vesta will make sure your image files are optimal size, increasing website performance, speed, and Google ranking.

  • Removing white space from around images - Vesta removes unnecessary and unappealing white space from around images, making your products more eye catching and engaging for consumers.

  • Resizing images - Vesta resizes and centers your images, creating a unified and professional look. This will make your website more appealing to customers and will reinforce your brand as trustworthy and high-quality. 

  • Identifying images that don’t meet the criteria - Vesta will set up validation criteria to ensure that all images being loaded onto your website are of a high standard and meet each of the requirements mentioned. This will guarantee that your product images are consistent and compelling for consumers.


Overall, Vesta allows bulk editing of product images, saving you considerable amounts of manual work, time, and money. After this process is complete, Vesta puts automated systems in place to keep product images consistent and up to date as you change and expand your product range. Contact Vesta today to capture consumer value and increase your company’s competitive advantage with the use of compelling product images.


Vesta Can Automate More Than Just Product Images

Product images aren't the only area that Vesta can automate and integrate for you. Vesta can also automate the collection and cleaning of all vendor supplied product data to continuously connect and update your product information to your online store.


Book a consultation with one of our friendly team to learn more about how your company can reduce the amount of time spent managing product data, increase your online product range and improve conversion through better quality product information.


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