Five Ways Vesta Provides Ongoing Value to Retailers

Posted by Maria West on Apr 27, 2021 1:31:16 PM

Growing a product catalog by onboarding new products and brands is a natural way to scale many businesses. But as a product catalog grows into the thousands, the amount of time and resources needed to maintain the product catalog increases significantly.  That is why Vesta partners with retailers both as a product onboarding tool but also to provide the new processes and tools needed to manage this growth


Top 5 Ways Vesta Provides Significant Value Over Time:


1. Pricing updates


As your suppliers release new price files, Vesta will automatically identify the products with changes and update these through to your website. Ensuring your pricing always remains accurate and complies with vendors’ minimum pricing rules. You can set up automated calculations for each supplier price feed to change the supplier price to your sell price (e.g., Supplier Price x 1.7) to ensure your pricing structure remains in place and your margin is maintained. Within Vesta, you can also choose if you would prefer this to sync instantly through to your site or notify you of changes for your review before it goes live on your website. 


2. Inventory, discontinued and out of stock updates


Fluctuating supply can be hard to keep on top of. Working through spreadsheets from vendors with thousands of items and manually updating each product takes hours of work and quickly leads to errors. But not keeping supply accurate on your website has some frustrating consequences, with canceled orders, product refunds, lost sales opportunities and damaged brand reputation. With Vesta, supplier inventory updates are synced directly to your website, ensuring product availability is always accurate. You can set rules through Vesta for how inventory levels display - for example, under-five items displaying a ‘’low stock’’ label on a product page, or an out-of-stock item is available for pre-order only. A well set up system for managing inventory fluctuations and out-of-stock products will dramatically reduce your workload, increase consumer trust through clear communication and maximize sales opportunities. 


3. Bring new products to market quickly


Vesta’s fast onboarding systems will ensure that new products or product ranges from your vendors can be brought to market rapidly, giving you a competitive edge. As new products are released, the data imports into Vesta, where you can accept them into your range. With cleaning profiles for each supplier already set up, the new products will be categorized, variants created and standardized to your chosen format, ready to be loaded to your eCommerce store. Similarly, any updates to existing products, such as new photos or added features, will be updated to the product listing, making the latest information available.


4. Consistency of style over time


A consistent style of writing, layout, and type of information provided across your site ensures that you present a consistent brand experience for shoppers and build customer loyalty. This is difficult to achieve if your product descriptions and product pages are created and updated manually by different staff members or offshore agencies over time. Through Vesta, this consistency is easy, as cleaning profiles for each supplier are set and followed for each product or range. Ensuring your website continues to follow the look and feel you direct, without needing to spend hours on quality checking or staff training over time to maintain the professional and consistent presentation.


5. Significantly reduce the resources needed to maintain your website data over time


As you grow your site and list more products, the time needed to maintain the product data online also grows. A manual approach requires dedicated staff to manage the adding, changing, and removing of products over time. With Vesta, you no longer need dedicated staff members as product changes run smoothly from supplier to website in the background. Clients also experience reduced admin tasks as errors, refunds and cancellations happen less often due to accurate information on the site. This, in part, delivers the clear ROI to partnering with Vesta over time and frees up your team members to work on revenue-building activities that will continue to grow your business over time.


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