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Posted by Taalia Joosten on Nov 26, 2020 5:06:39 PM
Taalia Joosten

We have been reviewed by Ecommerce Tech, who are an unbiased organization that connect Ecommerce companies and teams with the right tech tools. Read their review of Vesta below or check out the original review on their website here


Ecommerce Tech’s Review of Vesta eCommerce

What is Vesta?

Vesta is a data cleansing tool that collects, cleans and connects vendor products to your online store. It automates the time consuming and repetitive work of keeping your products up to date, saving you a serious amount of time and headaches. So if you have ever felt like pulling your hair out adding new products or trying to update existing ones within your store, Vesta is the tool for you. 


Vesta works with vendors on your behalf to set up automated workflows that collect product data on a continuous basis, ensuring it is up to date. Then it maps and merges all of the incoming data with your store, checking for errors like incorrect formats or duplicates and then validates the information. Finally, through an API it will connect all of this clean data with your PIM or Ecommerce system. 


The real beauty of this is that it is not only a tool for you, but also for your vendors. Instead of the back and forth required to get up to date information, automations are in place to share it, allowing both parties to maintain just one system. And as the store owner, you have an entire team in Vesta that is responsible for maintaining your database. It is a win-win!


Vesta Features:

  • Collect Product Data
  • Clean Product Data
  • Connect Vendor Products


All About Vesta:

What makes Vesta different than competitors?

The clear differentiator between Vesta and any other data hub company is that Vesta is FULL-SERVICE and actually handles the relationships with your suppliers. They do not just ask for the end-retailer to send data and then clean it up and plug it where it needs to go. They handle the relationship with the supplier creating an on-going live data feed for continuous up to date products.


What metrics is Vesta going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

The metric impact will vary depending on the size of your product offering, but it comes down to saving a massive amount of time, and that ultimately saves you money. On average, it takes a merchant 7 minutes to get just one product online. So say you have 10,000 products, at 7 minutes per listing you are looking at 29 weeks of work. By allowing Vesta to do this work for you, not only are you saving the time of keeping the products you currently offer up to date, but it also allows you the opportunity to expand your product listing which can generate more revenue. 


Having complete and relevant product information on your product pages also provides shoppers with information they need to feel comfortable making a purchase decision. That comfortability reduces costly returns and increases repeat purchases as consumers know exactly what they are purchasing - no surprises! Vesta makes filling your products pages with this content easy, even for businesses with the widest of product ranges.


Who has to manage Vesta and how long does it take to setup?

It takes 2-3 months to get set up with Vesta. This depends on how much data a retailer has/needs, the intricacies and details of their products, how clean their data is, etc. 


Onboarding starts with a team meeting to establish a “go-live” date and then proceeds with the customer providing the contact and product information for all their suppliers. Vesta then spends 4-6 weeks getting in touch with and setting up suppliers, typically reaching about 80% of them. Then an additional 2-4 weeks is spent working to reach the suppliers that haven’t responded yet and completing setup. 


The resources for managing Vesta depend on who currently does it for your company. It can be the operations team, IT, marketing or an agency partner. Vesta does all the heavy lifting, but they will need a point of contact within your company to maintain accuracy.


Is Vesta right for my store?

Any retailer who has more than 1,000 SKU’s or over 25 suppliers will benefit greatly from a tool like Vesta. The heavy workload associated with manually collecting and inputting product data slows down growth and will cause you to miss opportunities for driving traffic to your business.


Other merchants who would benefit from Vesta include teams that have dedicated personnel working on product data collection and maintenance, merchants that are manually managing product data, those that keep all of their data in un-connected silos, merchants who find it difficult to get product data and images from suppliers, who have disorganized data or merchants who need to get their product data online fast.


Any retailer who has less than 1,000 SKU’s or who finds product data management easy probably wouldn’t see the value in Vesta. A tool like this is a long-term business investment that requires a belief in the service being provided and a dedication to keeping it running.

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