The Difference Between Vesta eCommerce and PIM Systems

Posted by Maria West on Aug 20, 2020 10:46:01 AM

Vesta eCommerce and PIM systems are both tools used for product information management, but they perform very different functions within the process of managing product information for eCommerce.  The key differences between Vesta and PIM include:


Onboarding and Cleaning vs Managing

Vesta onboards vendor products and cleans product data using automation, whereas PIM systems give you a centralized place and tools to work with your existing product data and feed it to multiple channels.


Increase Product Range vs Increase Listing Channels 

With Vesta, you can grow your business by growing your product assortment, as Vesta’s tools enable you to significantly increase your range size. Differently, PIM systems allow you to grow your business by listing existing products on more channels.


Very Large Product Catalogs vs Specialised Stories For Small Ranges

Vesta allows you to clean high volumes of product data (100’s of thousands of products) ready for your eCommerce site (or PIM), whereas PIM allows you to enrich and create product stories and experiences, generally for smaller numbers of products. 


Take a look at the infographic below for further clarity on the differences between Vesta and PIM solutions.


The difference between Vesta and PIM



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