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Reduce Product Returns Using Good Product Data

Posted by Taalia Joosten on Jan 5, 2021 10:26:15 AM

Why is it Important to Reduce The Number of Product Returns?


With the increasing rate of technology and a worldwide pandemic, eCommerce shopping has been boosted to hit figures that weren’t meant to be reached for years to come. Additionally, with the holiday season upon us, eCommerce sales will be bigger than ever. But, with the increase in online sales comes the increase in product returns. 

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eCommerce Product Image Best Practises For Large Product Catalogs

Posted by Taalia Joosten on Nov 23, 2020 10:44:59 AM

Product Photos are the Most Important Product Information on Your Product Detail Pages


eCommerce sites are rapidly replacing brick-and-mortar stores and showrooms, but this doesn’t mean that customers don’t need to see the product. Although eCommerce is becoming more and more popular, consumers still not only want to see the product, but they also want to take it off the shelf, feel it, and examine it. Because this isn’t possible when shopping online, product photos/images are vital for businesses to effectively connect with consumers through their online platforms and give them the closest experience possible to in-person shopping. Therefore, product images are the key tool for eCommerce stores to help shoppers make a purchase decision when salespeople and tangible products aren’t available.

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Product Detail Pages that Convert

Posted by Maria West on Jul 2, 2020 8:14:14 AM

Quality product content can make or break your eCommerce sales success. There are a number of ways to improve your product detail page performance without it taking 100’s of hours 

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