The Jasper PIM Lite system: Making data management easy

Posted by Maria West on Apr 23, 2020 3:06:39 PM

A ‘Product Information Management system’ or commonly called a PIM is a centralized platform to easily manage, improve and publish products to major distribution channels such as your website or Amazon or for simplifying catalog creation. It automates and makes simple the tasks currently slowing many businesses down with time-consuming manual processes. A powerful tool like a PIM frees you from these limiting tasks, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Let’s take a look at the tools Jasper PIM Lite has to offer...


Categorize, edit and manage new products with ease

Advanced categorization tools - hierarchical and nested categorization tools make it easy for the smooth management of a product range with complex variants.

Batch editing - allows users to perform bulk edits simply and rapidly without needing to export the data to an external source.

Product workflow management - helps you to keep track of your new products as they move through the internal tasks needed to prepare them for launch.

Improve the merchandising and promotion of your products to increase sales

Bundle Products - merchandise your products into bundles. Sell complete kits of products as well as their component products at the same time.

Cross-sell and upsell - create and manage custom product relationships in order to effectively cross-sell and upsell.

Manage Promotional Events - set and forget price scheduling to allow you to prep and manage multiple sales promotional events wholly within the PIM.


Open up your distribution possibilities

Publish Product information to multiple channels - from one source to many - such as your website, Amazon, eBay and more.

Scale Internationally - Language localization tools provide the translations and you can store multiple names, descriptions and marketing data all on a single product page overcoming some of the barriers to expanding globally.

Manage multiple price records - on a single product and tie individual records to a specific publication channel. Sell the same product at different prices using the same inventory across multiple outbound publication channels

Product Exclusions - Get an extra layer of publication prevention with exclusions for products that you wish to remain offline such as back-ordered, discontinued or pre-release items.

The addition of the Jasper PIM Lite function will greatly reduce inconsistencies involved in data management and improve your business operational efficiency. Easily manage your data by categorising, editing, publishing, promoting and distributing your products from a single source - automating those time-consuming manual processes. If you would like efficient management of your product data chat to our Customer Success team about the new Jasper PIM Lite feature.

Take advantage of the new Jasper PIM Lite feature and see how much value it can offer your business, chat with our sales team to learn more!

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